Hello, I’m Iván.
Web developer & Website strategist.

I currently work as a web developer and web manager at UVE Agency, specifically for NTT projects, and I am also web developer at Reverso Studio, a small web development studio that I created in 2020 and which grows every day.

After studying web development, I majored in Neuromarketing applied to websites, and UX design, to later return to focus on web development, after having acquired knowledge of strategy and design. I have participated in some importants web security, develops and website optimization projects internationally. I also give training to individuals and companies both inside and outside of Spain.

Some of the companies for which I have worked, technically and advising, have been: Canon Spain, The White House project, the Ministry of Culture and Sports of Spain, Bellroy, the Institute of Positive Psychology, Generali Seguros, Porsche Spain, Amnesty International, Nespresso Spain, Mercedes-Benz Europe, IE Business School, MIT, Berkeley, or The University of Chicago among others.


It’s been 14 years since I made my first website. Since then, there have been countless projects in which I have participated, maybe more than 100 websites, or about 150 websites, or maybe more. It is impossible to know, but it’s unbelievably fun

Work experience

UVE Agency

June 2022 – currently

Web manager & Developer. UVE is a digital marketing agency specializing in the development of results-oriented web projects and user experience, especially e-commerce, communication and product, as well as brand development and Inbound Marketing strategies. Here I manage the NTT’s internationally projets..

Reverso Studio

June 2020 – currently

Web developer. Web design, development and strategy agency, located in Madrid. We offer complete solutions for all types of websites. We have started recently, but we already have clients such as Canon, Porsche, or ThemePunch among others.

NTT Disruption

November 2020 – May 2022

Web manager. Company belonging to NTT (Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation), a leading telecommunications company in the Japanese market. Here I manage the group’s websites internationally, and I help develop the websites of different clients in the technology market.

Mercedes-Benz USA

June 2020 – September 2020

Web development project coordinator for the generation of reusable and self-managing modules (React / Angular / Vue). Temporary project where I worked alongside multidisciplinary teams.

Tilo Motion

June 2019 – May 2020

Web maganer. Responsible for the web department and UX design in a leading company in the automotive and retail sector. At Tilo Motion I coordinated the web development team, designers, and back & front developers, managed new projects and daily developments for clients such as: Mazda España, Ibericar, CBRE, among others. During the time that I worked in this company, I managed to manage about 30 different web projects

Global Alumni

April 2019 – june 2019

Web manager. Responsible for the web department in a marketing company specialized in high-level education, which supports prestigious universities such as: ESADE, UCLA, MIT, Berkeley, among others. During the time I worked at Global Alumni, I managed the work of the web development and web design team, and personally carried out full developments for ESADE, MIT and Berkeley.

Aula CM

January 2018 – april 2019

Professor of the Master in Digital Marketing, in the areas of Web Design and Graphic Design. In Aula CM I trained more than 100 students, in group classes and in personalized tutorials for their projects. I also helped manage the different school websites and improve the WordPress and graphic design courses.

Ambar Connect

March 2017 – december 2017

Web manager. International relations company for business between the Middle East and the rest of the world. At Ambar Connect I led the web development department, managing multiple projects at the same time. (Completely in English).


January 2013 – june 2019

I have worked as a freelance in design, user experience, web development and training projects for multiple companies for six years, expanding my knowledge, my client portfolio and my contacts in the sector.

Last training

Master in JS & React


Master in the use of the React framework
Mixed Face-to-face / Online (Madrid, Spain).

Master in UX

September 2017 – June 2018

Master in User Experience Design at Designlab, San Francisco,
California. (Entirely in English).

Certificate in Neuromarketing and Consumer Psychoanthropology

January 2017 – may 2017

Certificate in Neuromarketing and Psychoanthropology of consumption by Business Innovation Institute of America.

Formal presentation

Regarding my professional career, I am especially motivated to continue learning about each of the new technologies that concern Marketing, both digital and traditional, especially in the field of web development and user experience design. At the same time, it also moves me to inquire and know more about current shopping habits. I like to analyze the attitude of consumers and companies, especially in this new << revolution >> that we are experiencing, where many of the current sales techniques are forced to adapt to a new user who has had the need to change their habits and adopt new customs.

Another of the motivations for which I intend to continue improving in my professional career, is the need to find another work team to arouse passion for their mission, and to finally find a company that really is committed to change and improvement, always based on self-criticism and the motivation to add together and reach a culmination on their own merits, with the tranquility of a job well done and without the requirement of deceiving their clients with falsehoods. I am convinced that my vision on how to manage a project, due to my experience in different areas and experiences, and my perseverance in trying to praise the human part as the most important piece in any work team, is capable of bringing firm success to any product, service or company.

More about me

I consider myself a dynamic and creative person, with the ability to react to adversity. Willing and disciplined. Always driven by my desire to learn and evolve both professionally and personally.

Among my most valued recognition by myself, I highlight the Aeronautical Merit Medal with white label, awarded by the Spanish Ministry of Defense in 2015, and the awards received, by various web development, by Awwards, Css Design Awards and D&AD Awards.

My hobby closest to the workplace, is the need to constantly understand the buying habits and sales strategies of companies today. I’m actually passionate about everything related to anthropology.

My hobbies include music and literature, and I have been able to enjoy both with the publication of my first novel in 2019, by the publishing group Penguin Random House, and with more than five years as a music composition teacher in different music schools from Madrid.





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